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Thursday, November 1, 2012

a moment we r together

it's our time !! 
uoppsss assalamualaikum wajah2 kesayangan hamba 
ini cerita tentang kami
the story is


yeaahhh closely we r in da bez moment ever i can say..i beat of dat
it's about da years 
rely thankul to YA FATTAH
meet us again
our girl friend from fra sekolah - darjah 6(upsr)
this girl is fazia izzati luqman(m'kak)
im wish that these essemblies may never be an end 

she has not changed much
still laughing, cheerful n almost time nakal 

this giril is siti afiqah awang(ct)
until form 5 at smkb
rely missssss to meet them again even we r not in da same career
but we still having da same direction in life

so da story is.. pertemuan ni pada idulfitri 2012
but just now having time to make a lil bit precious n3
only for uolls
i didn't expect dat this m'kak wanna come to my house
n really unexpected. kami make a rushing decision
berhari raya ke rumah ct
rasa mahu menangis..
terharu n hapy teramat..
a precious moment we have
thans coming to my life
& still remember me
i'll keep our promise
bersahabat selamanya ..."

with du'as ...

klik lagi iklan sy sampai lebam...ahhaa..lot's of luv for TheM and YOU...maceh sweethand ^….^

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