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Saturday, April 9, 2011

:: day of pirates love ::

The day of love requires a companion, 
But I find myself at this time all alone.
 Words of sweet affection fill the morning
 Like bells outside the windows of my room. 
I don’t know why I don’t have someone with me.
 I’ve loved and been loved through the restless years.
 The mysteries of love I have..
what can i do for that??
a past heart stuck through him..
u come into my life..then leave me alone..
u stole my soul..u hit my feeling to much..
till i can't stand up...
when i leave u...
u think i am in the wrong path..
i was so regret..
i don't need u anymore cuz i can breath without your care's..
the mirrors i have...never show u...
the moon i see...
never mish ur time...
the light i can switch turn on..
never tell i  can see u..

klik lagi iklan sy sampai lebam...ahhaa..lot's of luv for TheM and YOU...maceh sweethand ^….^

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